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What do play, learning and healthy living have in common? Your child can experience all three at Magical Moments Learning Center! Our daycare center provides little ones the chance to have fun, educational experiences. While you're at work, you can rest easy having your child stay with us. Our owner has been a registered daycare provider in Iowa since 2017, and we have experience in both the child care and medical fields.

Whether you're looking for a pre-k development center or daycare summer programs, our facility in Davenport, IA is the spot for your children. Call 563-232-6119 to learn more about potty training classes and after-school programs today!

Offering top-notch childcare amenities

Your child can run, play and learn at our family-run daycare center.

We'll keep them entertained with our:

  • Library, where they can fall in love with learning
  • Playground, where they can get out all their energy
  • Computer lab, where they can play fun educational games

You'll feel safe with your child in our care because we provide reliable transportation from school and healthy meals. We can't wait to have your little one play, learn and grow with us!

While You Work, Your Child Can Play

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We understand how difficult it can be to balance adult life while raising a family. That's why we offer programs designed to keep your child happy and healthy while you're at work.

You can count on us for:


Your child will play all day while learning important life skills


Your child will get the homework help and fresh air they need

Pre-K programs:

Your child will be ready for kindergarten

Summer programs:

Your child will play sports and meet new friends

Being away from your baby can be hard, but your little one is in good hands with us. We have a CNA available at all times to help with everything from tummy aches to medication administration.

Contact our pre-k daycare now to sign up for our programming. We accept both private payment and childcare assistance payments from the state.